Lucknow Central song 'Teen Kabootar' proves one doesn't need instruments to create good music

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

After the teaser of their 'Teen Kabootar' song piqued the curiosity of listeners with its originality, the makers have now released the full song. Needless to say, the teaser was only a window to some musical brilliance.

What stands out about the song is that the makers have not used any musical instrument, except for a guitar, to weave the words together.

Instruments have been replaced by body percussions and sounds from common equipment found in jails like brooms, bins, pots, and pans etc. have been used to create the beats.

'Teen Kabootar' is sung by Mohit Chauhan, Divya Kumar with rap verses by Raftaar and composition by Arjunna Harjaie.

The video of the song shows Farhan Akhtar, along with his bandmates, performing in front of Ronit Roy for the first time. Roy plays the role that people usually identify him with — a ruthless dictator who happens to be the jailer of the Lucknow Central Jail.

An animated Akhtar and his bandmates are in stark contrast to a grim Roy, trying to impress him with every move, every note they have leaned.

Watch the Video Song here:

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